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Learn Hindi Before Traveling to India

Why You Should Learn Hindi Before Traveling to India

How many times have you watched Bollywood movies and thought, I wish I could understand what they’re saying! Learn Hindi Before Traveling to India isn’t just something that can help you immerse yourself in the culture of your next travel destination — it can also help you communicate with locals, reduce expenses on your trip, and just feel more prepared as you venture off into an unknown place. So, whether you’re going to India or not, here are three great reasons why you should learn Hindi before traveling to India.

how to learn the Indian language

There are hundreds of languages in India, so how is Learn Hindi Before Traveling to India worth it? Here most people speak either English or other recognized languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. If you want to visit for any length of time (particularly in cities or tourist spots), it’s best if you can at least communicate your needs in one of these four languages. While many Indians will speak some English, they may not be fluent—and even those who do speak good English may still appreciate a little effort on your part. There are many courses available online specifically designed to learn languages for travel. In addition to getting around more easily when traveling in India, learning a few words and phrases will help you get better prices when shopping or bargaining with street vendors.

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who speaks Hindi

Most of northern and western India speak Hindi as their first language, including Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. While English is widely spoken throughout most of India, it is not as commonly understood in these northern states. In fact, Hinglish – a mixture of both languages – may be more useful for getting around in certain areas. The question arises here is do foreigners speak Hindi? The answer is yes! Foreigners do learn Hindi for many different reasons and one of which is traveling. So, if you plan on traveling to any of these places, make sure you learn some basic Hindi phrases before you go. If nothing else, learning namaste (hello) will help get your foot in the door with locals who might otherwise be hesitant to interact with tourists. You can start to learn Hindi online for free.

when learning a new language, where to start?

Many of you might be thinking ‘Can I learn Hindi?’ So, let me tell you there is nothing that can stop you from learning Hindi if you are serious about it? And the best part about it is you don’t have to go anywhere to learn Hindi as you can learn Hindi free from the convenience of your home. There are also many different platforms to learn Hindi speaking.

I’ve found that a great way to learn a new language is by immersing yourself in it and finding it all around you. A key part of starting any language is listening, so spend time in cafes, on public transportation or simply walking down a busy street. To start your journey to learn Hindi, best apps and websites are Duolingo and Hindustani Tongue. If you are beginner, you can refer to Duolingo to learn Hindi basics and practice all along with Hindustani Tongue.

Hindustani Tongue works in a unique way to help you in getting immersed in your target language. They use pictures and illustrations to explain actual life situations in the language to get an even better understanding of the language. Their courses cover all the aspects of learning a conversational language starting from listening, understanding, and speaking.

You can also put extra effort to get more benefits. Listen to the conversations in the target language. Try not to listen too hard. Just hear it as background noise and allow yourself to understand and follow what’s going on without actively trying. If you can do that, then you’re on your way! The next step is speaking, which requires getting out there and practicing. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; everyone does when they start. The more you practice speaking a language. Even if it’s with a native speaker who understands English. Will go a long way toward helping you master the basics quickly. Once that happens, pick up some study materials (audiobooks are great for beginners) and start memorizing words and phrases until they become second nature to you.

Is it useful outside of India?

Learn Hindi Before Traveling to India

Absolutely. More than one billion people speak English, but more than a billion people also speak Hindi. It’s an official language in both of India’s neighboring countries (Pakistan and Bangladesh), which could make it useful for travelers. If you choose to visit either country in addition to your trip through India. It’s also an official language of several Indian states. And it is taught as a secondary language in many schools around the world. So even if you don’t plan on traveling to India, learning Hindi will give you another tool for understanding other cultures.
Consider learning a few phrases before your trip: Namaste (hello) and Sat Sri Akal (thank you) are two that I find very useful when traveling abroad! And no matter where you go in India, these phrases will come in handy. People will appreciate that you made an effort to learn Hindi language!

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which language easy to learn for Indian

It’s already well known that you should learn some of your destination country’s language before traveling there. However, if you want to visit India, it may seem like a difficult task because of one primary reason: there are 18 recognized languages within its borders. Fear not, fellow travelers! With all of these dialects and more, it can be hard for visitors to navigate at first. But don’t worry—it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. Here are five tips for Learn Hindi Before Traveling to India.

how to learn Hindi language easily

If you’re traveling to India, there are a few important things you should learn before you go. Starting with the language that is spoken mostly all over the country. Many might be wondering Is Hindi easy to learn? This post will walk you through how you can easily learn Hindi. As well as other important cultural aspects before visiting one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Whether you’re already planning your trip or just dreaming about it, here are some great tips for traveling to India. With over 1 billion people and 20 official languages in a landmass that covers more than 2 million square miles, traveling to India is an experience like no other.

Before visiting India, you can experience and explore the country by connecting to the people living there and it all starts with communication with them. You can do it very easily by enrolling in language courses to learn Hindi online.
These courses will help you get started and help to learn Hindi on the go. Here you can learn anything, from starting to learn Hindi alphabet, then learn Hindi reading to learn Hindi writing. You can choose to learn any of them based on your requirements and needs.
The platforms also offer mini-courses and packages like learn Hindi in 30 days. If you are starting from the very basic you can start to learn Hindi through English or you can also learn Hindi with English. This technique to learn Hindi in English works best for English speakers to facilitate fast learning of the target language.

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why do we need to learn Hindi?

Knowing some basic phrases can be helpful, but if you don’t know how to read or write any of them, you’re in for a tough time. You can learn Hindi in India, and learning some basic vocabulary can help make your stay a little more comfortable. Try searching for specialized courses to learn Hindi 30 days that will guide you through these basic vocabularies. Plus, there are instances where knowing how to say where is…? or I need… could save your life or that of someone else in case of an emergency.

For example, if you find yourself lost and unable to communicate with locals because of language barriers. At least knowing keywords like the police station and hospital will get you pointed in the right direction. Or worse yet, let’s say your car breaks down and you have no idea what anyone is saying—you may not even realize there’s a problem until after they’ve driven off with all your belongings! In these situations, alone, it would be worth learning some basics before heading out on vacation.
And if you want to be more fluent and have a zeal for learning a language you can always start to learn Hindi for free. Learn Hindi English is a great technique to start as a beginner.

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