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Online English lessons to make you fluent

Hindustani Tongue online English lessons course can bring you a super exciting experience of learning through the Immersion method! You never face any negative experiences while enjoying your classes virtually by sitting in your comfort zone. Our flexible learning initiatives will help you to learn English better and quicker than the traditional ways of learning skills.


English Course Description 

Course Overview

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, Hindustani Tongue takes full responsibility for your course until it’s finished, Now it’s time to learn the language in a way where you “feel what you speak” rather than calculating grammatical rules in your head. No matter what’s your level, the curriculum is designed with a set pattern of pictures which makes you a fluent speaker by the end of the course.

Our Method

You never learn your first language in a university by grammatical rules. Teaching through visualization is our main focus where we are using pictures for every situation so you can learn subconsciously.

Program Benefits

Professional Native Teachers

  • One on One Live sessions with our Trained and Certified teachers.
  • Learn and Practice with native speakers of the language.
  • Get in-depth knowledge about India’s culture along with learning languages

    Handy Classroom and Course Materials

    • Get access to your personalized Google classroom
    • Get Live Recordings along with the study materials
    • Live chat with the teacher

      A Complete package


      • The course offers 50 lessons, of four months duration.
      • Half an hour effective lesson.

        Test, Quizzes, Monthly Counseling Sessions

        • Weekly tests and quizzes to measure your progress
        • Monthly counseling sessions for students



        • Get a certificate of completion, at the end of the course

        24/7 Contact Support


        • We are here to help you anytime
        • Reach us via e-mail and WhatsApp.

        Course Curriculum 




        • Basic vocabulary
        • Greetings (Formal/ informal)
        • Introduction
        • Identifying oneself to others
        • Expressing Gratitude
        • Apologizing
        • Asking questions
        • Indicating Agreement
        • Forbidding someone to do something
        • Accepting invitations
          And many more… 
          • Getting someone’s attention
          • Answering phone calls
          • Offering food and drinks
          • Requesting permission
          • Making suggestions
          • Expressing emotions
          • Reacting to situations
          • Comparing things
          • Making appointments for meetings
          • Warning someone
              And many more...
              • Storytelling
              • Office conversation
              • Discussing
              • Professions
              • Indian festivals
              • Travel conversation
              • Planning trips
              • Discussing situations
              • Business meetings
              • Geography
              • Pickpocket
                          And many more…

                        Get Ahead with Hindustani Tongue Course Completion Certificate

                    • Who will be my English teacher?

                      All of the teachers at Hindustani Tongue are native, professionals, and trained in the immersion method to provide you with the best online English classes. Once you start your course you will be assigned to the most suitable teacher who fits your level and age group. We hope you find your learning experience satisfactory and enjoyable, but if necessary, a student can change the teacher at any time if they wish to get variety, or if they have other personal concerns

                    • What is the Online communication platform for English class?

                      We use “Zoom” in our lessons because it has several tools to help online English learning be more effective and convenient.

                    • Is it the same method used for Kids and Adults?

                      Yes, the language is taught by using pictures based on real life situations which makes the learning funnier, easier and its the fastest method of language learning for all the age groups.

                    • Why 30 minutes is the is best duration for an online English lesson?

                      The English course focuses on providing you with a quality lesson than a longer lesson. Therefore, the English lessons are designed by expert polyglots so that your brain absorbs the language data on daily basis without getting overloaded