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Hindustani Tongue

The School of Indian languages!

Knowing a culture and feeling it are two different things and if you want to feel the culture you must know its language. 

And when its comes to learn Indian languages Hindustani Tongue got everything you need.

Unique method of teaching languages with visualization

Flexible timing according to your availability

Affordable course Price that suites to your Pockets

Trained and Professional Teachers

Learn Indian Languages

On a mission to connect people with India and its culture by providing a unique language learning experience where learners can feel the language rather just learning it.

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Hindustani tongue is a language learning platform that follows a unique method of teaching called the Immersion method. So the question that arises here is, “What is the Immersion method for learning a language? ”  The immersion method is a pictograph method which means, learning a language through pictures. In brief, we use pictures that are based on daily life situations so that the students can relate to and understand every aspect of it.

  This method works for on both kids and adults, to learn a language and it has been tried and tested by many polyglots (i.e. multiple language speakers), at Hindustani Tongue, to make it a suitable tool for our students.

Our Team

Niraz Singh


Hello, I am Niraz Singh, the founder, and CEO of Hindustani Tongue. I am an Indian and a huge admirer of different cultures and traditions. Growing up in a country that has such a rich heritage, makes me realize the importance and relevance of the country and its culture in someone's life. I have been teaching Indian Languages for 2 years now, intending to connect more and more people with the languages, culture, and roots of India. I want my NRI brothers and sisters to not feel furthermore disconnected from their country, rather I work to provide them a platform with a homely environment where they can easily interact and practice their language and culture.


HR. Manager

What's better than starting a career by serving your nation. The concept and idea behind the organization to do something for their country and country's people really blew my mind. It resonates with the person I am. So, I started my position as a Human Resource Manager at Hindustani Tongue and it is not more than a self-growth journey for me, where I got to learn and experience different things. The organization has provided me with enormous opportunities to improve and upskill myself in the process. Today, when working for such a responsible position, I want the rest of my team members to take this as an opportunity for improving and becoming the best version of themselves.


Marketing specialist

I’ve been working at Hindustani Tongue for over a year now, so my friends often ask me 'what made you stay here for so long?' For me, it’s an opportunity. I’ve had the opportunity to triple the size of our team, and our research is regularly called out for supporting really important initiatives – from Trust to Equity to revamping our Premium services. I consider myself lucky for having the opportunity to try out new roles and work with such incredibly smart, fun people that these one year have flown by!"


Social Media Executive

Creativity comes with inspiration and also with a perfect blend of ideas and teamwork. I am Hritika Sahu social media executive in Hindustani tongue. Hindustani Tongue's vision of promote different Indian languages and their heritage with a twist of its unique method of teaching that involves innovative and creative techniques. Working with such a wonderful Team has helped me a lot in discovering the creative person in me. Now I would love to put in my efforts and creativity to take this to the next level.