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How to learn bengali language

Bengali is one of the 22 official languages ​​of India. The Bengali language is spoken mostly in West Bengal in India. But not only and not only in West Bengal, but also in Tripura, Andaman and Nicobar, Bengali language is very much is prevalent. Bengali is also the official language in India’s neighboring Bangladesh. About 85% of the people in West Bengal speak Bengali. Bengali plays an important role in Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal. Now lets discuss How to learn Bengali language –

About 300 million people in Bangladesh and India speak Bengali, or Bangla as the language is known to the natives. There are many resources available to help us to learn Bengali.

Bengali alphabet & literature

Since the language has a syllabic alphabet, learning the alphabet can help us to pick out new words that we don’t know. If we want to learn to read and write Bengali in addition to simply speaking the language, then we should select a Bengali language course. So that we can perfectly speak Bengali.

Many of great men had contributed to Bengali literature.

Well, if you want to learn Bengali language, then you can easily learn it. Bengali literature is not only in India but it is famous all over the world.

India’s national anthem “Jana Gana Mana” or “Amar Sonar Bangla” or Rabindra sangeet of Bangladesh, the author of all is poet Rabindranath Tagore.

India’s national anthem, “Jana Gana Mana,” was originally written in Bengali.

How to learn Bengali language

To learn to read or write in Bengali, we have to learn the Bengali alphabet or the Bengali script, the fifth most widely used writing system in the world. Written from left to right and with no distinct letter cases, the Bengali script has a total of 50 letters, 11 vowels and 39 consonants.

Let’s look upon some points how to learn Bengali language.

Learn The Alphabet

The Bengali alphabet is syllabic and each consonant has a vowel with two pronunciations. It’s important to learn the alphabet first if we want to learn how to identify common words and pronounce them correctly. This will make it easier for us to identify that letter. Memorize the alphabet in the same way as we had memorized the English alphabet. Draw each letter and watch the sound it makes when it is made. We have to remember all this.

Learn Basic Pronunciation

Understand the sound each letter makes, rather than how it works. Unlike in English, each letter can make multiple sounds. Understand and learn all these sounds. For example, look at the alphabet and try to understand their pronunciation by making short two-letter words. This will help you master the art of connecting letters. We will also want to understand the pronunciation of what is different from English. Meaning, the sound of T is a soft T – similar to how T is pronounced in Spanish.

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Try To Learn Basic Grammar

We don’t need to be an expert, just try to identify the difference with our language. If we understand how language works, then we will have a correct knowledge of what ww are saying. Once we understand this, we’ll learn to speak common sentences and words in the right perspective. Bengali works in the form of subject, object, verb, word order while English works in the form of subject, verb, object order. Grammar has no gender like English, but verbs do make sense of person, tense and status.

Do A Reading

Find a book written in Bengali and start turning its pages. We don’t need to understand the story or the words, just identify the letters and find common words we know. This will help us to understand the words that are used the most. If you are a traveler, it is more important for you to be able to identify different words.

Practice On Your Own

Write down the words and say them aloud. If we need more help

We can buy workbooks, or find worksheets online. We will find many such videos online that will tell you the correct pronunciation of words. Try mixing what we’re saying with the correct pronunciation. If no one understands what we are saying, then there is no use even knowing the meaning of our words.

Watch Movies

Find a movie that is entirely in Bengali. Even if we do not know what is happening, we will know the speed of the language and how to speak the words.

Practice With A Bengali Online

If we don’t have a Bengali friend to talk to with, we can find one online. Do an online search for “Speak with a Bengali” and we’ll find many websites where we can talk to someone on the Internet. If we can even greet each other, that’s a good start.

Benefits Of Learning Bengali Language

Bengali has developed over the course of more than 1,300 years and its literature is one of the most prolific and diverse literary traditions in Asia.

 Let’s look upon few benefits of language learning –

◾️If we learn Bengali language,It develops the ability to understand the speaker’s statement. 

◾️Bengali language helps to Develop the ability to express our words.

◾️ Learning Bengali language is also helpful in developing creativity.

◾️Bengla Learning language helps to develop cultural knowledge.

◾️ Bengali language is useful for the one who wants to travel in that native state. It will connect you with the surrounding & people.

Learn Bengali Online

How to learn Bengali language

In today’s era where people used to save there time & money. They choose to take online courses for learning language where they can learn anywhere at anytime through online mode.

It makes easy for the people to learn something new in a limited time. Learn Bengali language helpful us in travelling, doing business & also connecting with the cultural heritage of the native state

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