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Why You Must Learn Marathi

Why You Must Learn Marathi

Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra. Forty years have passed since Marathi became the official language of the people. The importance of Marathi is unique as it carries out its duties like motherhood, devotion, religion, loyalty, guruseva, culture, relationships, etc. Marathi language is really very rich beyond this, It is 3rd most spoken language in India. lets discuss in this Article Why You Must Learn Marathi

Marathi script is written in Devanagari script which is used in many languages. The Marathi language is an easy language to learn and it has its own grammar and literature. Marathi is used as a medium language in schools, colleges, and some universities in the state of Maharashtra in India.

If you’re a Hindi speaker then it becomes easier for you to learn Marathi faster. You can learn Marathi through Hindi as there are many similarities between their pronunciation and grammar. A Hindi speaker can also understand what a Marathi person is speaking.

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Marathi Is Easy Language

The Marathi language is one of the easiest languages to learn in India. The Marathi language is the easiest language because the way it is written is the way it speaks.

Marathi language script is based on devanagari script and many of the Indian languages are based on the same script like Hindi. If you’re a Hindi speaker then it becomes very easy for you to learn Marathi. Even a Hindi speaker can understand a little bit of Marathi language.

Marathi language is most widely spoken in Maharashtra and it has its own grammar. This language is most widely used in the central area of the country. People also used to learn it as their second language. You can also do a Marathi language course for learning Marathi. It became easier and faster to learn Marathi. you need to concentrate on the Marathi pronunciation and words

Endless Opportunities

Learning Marathi language is so much beneficial to you it helps you to know about a new state i.e. Maharashtra. Marathi language is also helpful to increase your business opportunity as Maharashtra is a big city and has many businesses.

When you know more than one language, it helps a lot in your career. It not only enhances your skills, but you can also go into the Bilingual Profession. Bilingual is needed in different fields, due to which your salary is good and demand is also high. Good Communication and Writing Skills allow you to use another language in every field. Apart from this India’s biggest financial stock exchange companies are also located in the Mumbai city of Maharashtra.

Not only this, Mumbai is well known for the film industry so people used to work with them. If you are a Marathi speaker then it becomes easier for you to talk in their native language as well as you can also do your business.
Those who want to make a career by learning Marathi language or want to learn Marathi language for their own interest, they can easily learn the language.

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Growing Business

Why You Must Learn Marathi

Learning the Marathi language can also help to grow your business. If you know Marathi then you can easily communicate with the people of the native language and can expand your business by selling/purchasing products from the state.

Not only this, There are a huge number of jobs, especially if you hope to find a job outside. Furthermore, learning Marathi language opens up career opportunities for you. From freelance to interpreting, to tutoring, just about any job industry.

The world is changing rapidly and a large number of companies are choosing to open branches in many locations across the world Mumbai is one of the best locations to work. Speaking Marathi language is helpful for the companies that can hire you. Even in the companies of your state, your ability to speak marathi language may be what gets you a job and also can be helpful in growing business.

Daily Use

Learning Marathi language can be beneficial to growing your social circle both personally and professionally, which can help you connect with people with more languages. When you learn marathi language, opportunities for socializing around and you can also get to work in the film industry of Mumbai.

You can use marathi words and their sentences in your daily life. It’ll be helpful to increase your vocabulary skills as well as you can professionally speak marathi. Marathi is a type of language which you can use in your daily life as your mother language because it is easy to speak and understand. Also if you speak marathi daily then you can smoothly speak this language.

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During Marathi learning, you are also taught the history of the place where you are learning the language. It tells you about your culture, and how the Marathi language came into existence.

Conversation in Marathi language that deals with religions, cultures, and traditions, the learner has to face them all. Once you learn the Marathi language, it builds up an appreciation for the place of origin; encourages compassion, perseverance, and acceptance; and expresses a positive attitude towards culture.


If you are the kind of person who loves meeting and interacting with new people, then Marathi language will be beneficial to you. When you learn Marathi, opportunities for socializing around the state open up for you. For example, you quickly make new friends by learning in a Marathi group.

If you haven’t already started testing your Marathi speaking with people in the group, you can meet people online. People connect with you better when you speak in their mother tongue. You can interact with the people of Maharashtra and it can also be beneficial to grow your business.

Be Impressive

The depth of knowledge will fuel your creativity as you master a Marathi language. By blending your language with another Marathi, you may find that you can express yourself more creatively. Plus, you may find yourself reaching for alternative words when you can’t remember the original one you wanted. You can impress your employees, workers, and anyone by speaking in Marathi.

Your knowledge will expand and you will learn new words and phrases. You will also develop to think outside the box and solve complex problems by exploring.

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Nothing fuels your thirst for an adventure more than the ability to communicate in native languages. When you learn to speak Marathi, for example, you’ll love traveling to Maharashtra where Marathi is the main language. You are sure of gaining acceptance in the state where you can communicate in their language. Thus you will not have any trouble in adding these states to your travel list.

While traveling to Maharashtra, You can explore the beautiful region located in the western part of India. Maharashtra, India’s third-largest state, consists of two major landforms and has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty.
The state exceeds Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Goa, and Karnataka. Thus tourists get ample opportunities for tourism in and around Maharashtra.

If you know Marathi language then it becomes so easy to travel in Maharashtra and some other states. It’ll be beneficial while booking hotel rooms, restaurants, traveling places, etc. So if you’re going or thinking to travel in Maharashtra then you should know Marathi or some basics of Marathi language.

Conclusion Of Why You Must Learn Marathi

You should learn the Marathi language. It is very beneficial for you. You can choose some Marathi online language courses from Hindustani Tongue. Hindustani Tongue, is an online platform/website that teaches different Indian languages.

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