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Why Hindustani Tongue?

Within a social community, culture and language share human beliefs, realities, and actions. Languages are the primary means of keeping our culture alive. Therefore, the best way to know a culture thoroughly is to understand the language. Hindustani tongue give you platform to learn Indian languages and explore the culture as well.

Hindustani Tongue is a platform connecting people with India and its culture by teaching the regional languages of India with a very unique method. We believe that a language has a great significance in understanding any country’s customs, traditions, and beliefs and also helps in building an immense connection with the people living there. We are changing the way of learning, unlike the typical language learning method where we have a mountain of grammatical rules to break that creates many difficulties for a learner and especially for kids.
We are coming with a special way of language learning method called the “Immersion method” where you don’t only learn the language but “live it”.
Our method mainly focuses on acquiring the language through visualization and observation and it’s the same way how you learn your first language without even learning it.
With our unique method of teaching and expertise, we facilitate fast learning and communication.

Hindustani Tongue’s mission

Hindustani Tongue is not only a platform where you can learn languages, its a platform where we connect our NRIs brother and sister who are away from their mother land.

We all know very well, as we move towards a society where the interaction is mainly in English, we move away from our mother language. Knowing your mother language well is a matter of self-esteem. It enriches one’s confidence and creates awareness in one’s mind while also connecting with his cultural identity. More than 32 million Indians are living outside India and a large population of them are getting disconnected and losing their language.
After many years of experience and research Hindustani Tongue is coming up with a mission to connect every Indian with their culture by teaching Indian languages as it’s the mother tongue that helps us to stay connected to our traditional, cultural values and our roots.
The coming generation of our NRI families is facing difficulties in speaking their mother tongue because of lacking resources and not having the required social environment where they can connect with their culture and that causes a habit where Indian families are unable to talk with their mother tongue. And it’s even more difficult for their children who have spent a significant part of their early development years in a culture other than their parents.
Hindustani Tongue believes that it’s the responsibility of every Indian to pass on the glory of India i.e., its history and languages to the next generation.
Our mission is the day when every NRI family will be talking in their mother tongue that is “Hindustani Tongue.”

Our teachers

Our teachers are a native speaker of your target language coming from different states of India who has been hired and trained to teach with the Immersion method.
Our teachers are highly qualified professionals and the qualities which make them even more special are their enthusiasm to spread their language and culture across the world.
Their politeness, patience, and ability to turn the lesson into a fun and enjoyable session and being productive and efficient at the same time make them perfect teachers for you. How it works
India, being such a diverse country that is home to hundreds of languages and dialects we Indians still choose to celebrate unity in diversity.

How it works

Currently, India has outlined 22 languages that have been given official recognition by the government of India, making it the country with the highest number of recognized administrative languages.
This is one of India’s most distinctive features making it different from nearly all the other countries in the world.

In Hindustani Tongue, we offer five different language courses starting from our national language Hindi with four other different regional languages Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Marathi which are largely spoken in India. Where you can learn Indian Languages.
We have students from different parts of the world who have mastered their target language and can communicate fluently in their chosen language.
Our team is working on different social media platforms to spread awareness about Indian culture and traditions along with teaching multiple languages. We create informative contents where people who are keen to learn languages can find exactly what they want and they can also get a platform where they can practice, improve and learn languages online.
We are posting content on different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Where we offer lots of ways to interact and learn from native speakers of the language. It contains all sorts of learning materials such as videos, images, to text content. Our short video content is specially designed to help learners with pronunciation.
One can also pick up language tips, articles and immerse themselves in lots of practical and real-world knowledge of a particular language.

How to start learning with Hindustani Tongue

We are providing online lessons with our trained teachers and to book a lesson is at your fingertips you just need to visit our website www.hindustanitongue.com select your target language, schedule a time and you are ready to go with your learning journey.

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