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How Can I learn Punjabi fast

Punjabi language is spoken in India and Pakistan. It is the mother tongue of about 2.5 crore citizens in India. It is also used as a medium language in schools, colleges and universities in the state of Punjab, India. now lets discus How can we learn Punjabi fast Punjabi language closely resembles Hindi and Urdu


How to learn Bengali language

Bengali is one of the 22 official languages ​​of India. The Bengali language is spoken mostly in West Bengal in India. But not only and not only in West Bengal, but also in Tripura, Andaman and Nicobar, Bengali language is very much is prevalent. Bengali is also the official language in India’s neighboring Bangladesh. About

best way to learn hindi

What is the best way to learn Hindi?

Hindi is mother tongue of the India. Hindi is 3rd most spoken language in the World. Many people used to learn speaking Hindi for connecting with the culture and diversity of the India. The script of Hindi is Devanagari and it also has its own grammar. When a dialect has its own grammar, it is

Language Learning Goals

What Are Your Language Learning Goals

We all have become so used to recognize language as a systematic form of words, sentences, and sounds that we do not pay even the slightest attention to recognize and appreciate the various forms of languages ​​scattered around us. Let’s discuss your language learning goals. Language is the name of a group of mediums for